Our first days in Bangkok

We’ve been in Bangkok for four days now, and it’s amazing! Although the air is really bad and my eyes are constantly running…

I don’t want to write a wall of text, so I’ll share some pictures instead.


Our first tuk-tuk ride!



The first day we went to the big shopping centers at Siam Square. They are really big and we walked around a lot. Needed a break, and bought some Oreo crushed ice with jelly bubbles!



The second day we went to Pratunam market. We got there by the canal boat, that was a really fun and rough boat ride, as you can see from the waves is this picture.



This is Golden Mountain, a temple located right next to the canal boat pier. We went up there and watched the sunset.



The sun is about to set! We had a 360º view of the city from the top of Golden Mountain.



Our third day we went to the temples. First to the Grand Palace, but it was so crowded with tourists that we left almost right after we arrived. Decided to go to Wat Pho instead, the home of a 46 m long reclining Buddha statue (it was HUGE!). Took some pictures there, but you could probably just google it and see pictures much nicer than mine. I’ll share this picture of a kitten sleeping in some cables inside the temple though, because it’s cute.



Speaking of cats, this is Peanut. He lives at our hostel. And he doesn’t like to be picked up.



Today we went wakeboarding, and it was so much fun! You actually start out with a kneeboard, and I was so bad that I didn’t try the actual wakeboard. Sondre did though, but faceplanted after 10-20 meters every time! It was hard. And our arms are killing us right now.



Dressed up in my wakeboarding gear!


And last, but not least, some pictures of food:


My breakfast, fried rice with chicken.



Sondre’s pad thai, and me and Miri’s massaman curry. So good!



We went to Chinatown and ate dim sum!


Tomorrow we are flying to Krabi and staying at a hostel in Ao Nang. On Sunday we’re gonna do something crazy, so stay tuned for our next blog post!


2 thoughts on “Our first days in Bangkok

  1. Hei folkens. Ser ut som dere har det gøy. Vi har jo vært i Bankok sjøl, og husker lukter, folk og plasser. Og Jo Vegard som ble tilbudt “nice girls” selv da han i følge ham selv, gikk hånd i hånd med den beste!!(10 poeng til ham!)
    Ha det gøy på tur. Klem fra de ville på Sødal ført i pennen av Merete


  2. Hei kjære Madelen og Sondre ! Nå har jeg klart å legge til bloggen deres nesten helt uten hjelp , hi hi 😊 Og på appen på I- phonen har jeg lagt til , slik at jeg kan se klokkeslett og vær og temperatur i hovedstedene etc rundt forbi der dere skal 😂 👏 Snart er jeg rene datanerden 🤓 Du verden , dere har jo rukket mange ting allerede ! Og vi har jo ikke helt forestilling av lukter og lyder og steder etc , slik tante Merete og onkel Jo Vegard og de har ! Men det var veldig gøy med så mange bilder 😊 så er vi litt på reise sammen med dere 😊 Og hvis dere klarer å forestille dere lukter og lyder her i Kristiansand😅 🌨☔️ så er det et par tre varmegrader og sludd og regn og blåst 😔 Tipper dere ikke har lyst å bytte 😂 ⛱Ha en fin tur videre og det blir gøy å ” reise” sammen med dere 😊 Klem mamma


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